Prolene Mesh

Prolene Mesh
Prolene Mesh
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Brand: Ethicon
Item Number: 100194
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100195 7.6 x 15CM White 1 Piece
Rs.1,958.00 Rs.1,696.00
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100196 6 x 11CM White 1 Piece
Rs.1,584.00 Rs.1,329.33
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100197 15 x 15CM   1 Piece
Rs.4,209.00 Rs.3,253.33
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• PROLENE™ polypropylene mesh is constructed of knitted filaments of extruded polypropylene
• This material, when used as a suture, has been reported to be non-reactive and to retain its strength indefinitely in clinical use
• It is knitted by a process which interlinks each fiber junction and which provides for elasticity in both directions
• It can be cut into any desired shape or size without unraveling
• The bi-directional elastic property allows adaption to various stresses encountered in the body

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